Projekt wnętrz w starej stodole

Projekt wnętrza w stodole

Prywatny dom

Lokalizacja: w pobliżu Białegostoku
Powierzchnia: 180 m2
Status projektu: W realizacji
Warto zobaczyć:

Who doesn’t dream of a cozy, little house in the suburbs? A young married couple decided to realize their dreams of a place of their own, and an old barn turned out to be a good choice.

A high ceiling is an additional advantage of this interior, which made the designing of a mezzanine possible. There is a small bathroom below, and a studio above it. The salon has been integrated with the dining room where a big, fold-out table has been placed.

An important role in the interior is played by fabrics with fashionable, folk patterns, which can be noticed in each of the rooms.

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