Tenement flat

Mieszkanie w kamienicy

Mieszkanie prywatne

Lokalizacja: Poznań
Powierzchnia: 110 m2
Status projektu: Zrealizowany
Warto zobaczyć: www.forform.pl

How great my joy was when it turned out that I was going to face the designing of a 110m2 tenement flat. The joy was even greater when I got to know that the owners will be a lovely couple who live in France.

The owners were greeted by a drawing of their initials, which was situated on a brick wall emphasizing the character of the interior. A door commonly used in garages, which separates the living room and the studio, enhance the emphasis. Thanks to numerous glazings the door does not appear as heavy, and the use of Plexiglass makes the leaf light. A design of a tenement is a play of detail and contrast. The industrial character of plywood used in the kitchen front along with the decor of forged handles make the interior more sophisticated.

The interior reveals a certain charm thanks to pottery with decorative patterns and a refurbished wooden parquet floor. Room has been found for furniture in the flat as well, including modern Phillipe Starck stools.

Kamienica Poznan

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